Delivery of Year 1 of Next Generation Outreach began in Mecklenburg County, Virginia schools on January 8, 2019 and continued in schools throughout the region until the semester ended in May. The 90-minute programs, complete with quality taxidermy that included full-sized animals: black bear, white tailed buck, beaver, coyote, red fox, owl, river otter, and turkey, along
May 22, 2020, was the date scheduled for our annual event, but due to COVID 19 restrictions, the event was postponed. No date has been selected for the next American Heroes Day at this time. Please monitor our website for future announcements. Veterans and active military who want to participate are encouraged to email us
A sign of a healthy stream is finding freshwater mussel shells on the riverbank. Recently he found shells on the banks of the scenic Banister River where it flows through the Town of Halifax Virginia. TWBWF talks about the “critter” that likely ate the freshwater mussels and left the shells. Was it a carnivore or

American Heroes Day 2019

Our annual veterans appreciation event for 2019 took place on August 23, 2019. The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation hosted American Heroes Day to honor the men and women who have bravely served our country. This is the foundation’s way to say thank you and provide veterans with a day of outdoor fun and camaraderie. Activities

Climb Every Mountain

I tried mountain climbing. Once. Never again. Several years ago, my sister-in-law Linda, and I drove to Bangor, Maine, to visit my daughter. We took a leisurely route stopping over along the way to spend the night with friends. We arrived in Maine a day later, exhausted from the long hours of sitting, but ready

American Heroes Day 2019

Our annual Veterans Appreciation Day has been scheduled! The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation is proud to host this event to honor the men and women who have bravely served our country. This is our way to say thank you and provide veterans with a day of outdoor fun and camaraderie. This year’s event is scheduled

Fundraiser Underway

Our Next Generation Outreach has had phenomenal success since it rolled out in January of this year. During the first five months, our educator visited 60 schools in and around south-central Virginia. He presented a program rich in excitement, full of historical facts and vital information about natural resource conservation, stewardship,  protecting the environment and

Get to know your wetlands

Ward narrates this video overlooking the wetlands on Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation property and talks about the habitat that wetlands provide. He talks about the benefits of the Wetland Restoration Program or WRP administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Pine Plantings

Ward talks about the differences in planting loblobby pine versus short leaf pine.
Whenever we go out for a walk in the great outdoors, most of us have a tendency to focus on wildlife. Birds, butterflies, and mammals naturally capture our attention with color and motion. For those willing to investigate, the plant world offers some truly amazing natural history, too. Take for example, skunk cabbage. As perennials,