A sign of a healthy stream is finding freshwater mussel shells on the riverbank. Recently he found shells on the banks of the scenic Banister River where it flows through the Town of Halifax Virginia. TWBWF talks about the “critter” that likely ate the freshwater mussels and left the shells. Was it a carnivore or

Climb Every Mountain

I tried mountain climbing. Once. Never again. Several years ago, my sister-in-law Linda, and I drove to Bangor, Maine, to visit my daughter. We took a leisurely route stopping over along the way to spend the night with friends. We arrived in Maine a day later, exhausted from the long hours of sitting, but ready

American Heroes Day 2019

Our annual Veterans Appreciation Day has been scheduled! The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation is proud to host this event to honor the men and women who have bravely served our country. This is our way to say thank you and provide veterans with a day of outdoor fun and camaraderie. This year’s event is scheduled

Fundraiser Underway

Our Next Generation Outreach has had phenomenal success since it rolled out in January of this year. During the first five months, our educator visited 60 schools in and around south-central Virginia. He presented a program rich in excitement, full of historical facts and vital information about natural resource conservation, stewardship,  protecting the environment and

An Early Bloomer: Skunk Cabbage

Whenever we go out for a walk in the great outdoors, most of us have a tendency to focus on wildlife. Birds, butterflies, and mammals naturally capture our attention with color and motion. For those willing to investigate, the plant world offers some truly amazing natural history, too. Take for example, skunk cabbage. As perennials,

A Walk in the Woods

September/October Issue of Virginia Wildlife Magazine’s “A Walk in the Woods” (permission to reprint granted by Virginia Wildlife Magazine) Few North American birds are as striking in appearance as a drake wood duck; the vivid color combinations of this elegantly attired dabbler exceed artistic imagination. Add the gleaming rays of early morning sunlight to accentuate
Clyde Roberts turned 105 years young on October 29th and celebrated the occasion by spending the first five afternoons of Virginia’s 2018 muzzleloading deer season (excluding Sunday) sitting in his 20-foot tree stand. During that period, Clyde passed up opportunities at a number of young bucks feeding past his stand. Then, on Wednesday, and with

Trout Fishing in Yellowstone

TWBWF took time out to fish for cutthroat trout in Yellowstone Lake. This lake is the largest fresh water lake in the country above 7,000 feet. Please consider a tax deductible donation to the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation.
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” admin_preview_bg=”] When Your Studio Is The Great Outdoors The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation has an amazing photographer on staff. This week, he began his annual wildlife photography pilgrimage that rejuvenates the soul, all the while, capturing magnificent photos of that journey to share with the world. This is

Meet our office pet

Since we are a wildlife foundation, sometimes the outdoors finds its way indoors. Such is the case of the eastern hognose snake. Currently unnamed, this junior specimen resides in a glass container, with all the amenities, in the WBWF Office. His diet is small toads. A recent visitor to the office said that she would