Let’s Hear It For the Fans

We are always looking for ways to connect with NASCAR fans of Ward Burton. The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation has a FaceBook page where we post news, photos, comments, contests, and the like so that we can interact with fans. We post some great giveaway opportunities where fans can win prizes.  We know fans have great stories about things their favorite racer did on special days, or at their favorite race. We love stories on how fans discovered they were a fan of Ward Burton.

Recently, we posted a vintage flag as a prize on our FaceBook page. To win it, we asked fans to post their best stories from Ward’s racing years. As expected, we received some great posts. We will share some of them with you below. They are shown exactly as they were posted to our FB page. No edits were made to the posts.

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“When I was a little girl, Ward Burton game to one of the youth softball games & my dad was chatting with you but I had no idea who you were. You told me I had got big and that the last time you remembered seeing me I was wee little. I remember asking dad who that nice man was and he then explained to me about you being a race car driver and running the wildlife foundation. From that moment on I followed you and your family’s success. I still remember that day perfectly and I’m proud & will continue to be proud to know such a genuine person! Thank you Ward for all you do!” Ashley Lynn Hummer

“I became a ward burton fan when I was about 5 years old , my dad took me to Charlotte and we was standing in line to get harry gants autograph well after standing in line for what seemed to be days I notice ward sitting in his hauler nobody in line so I talked my dad into walking over to ward instead, ward talked me me for a long time about school and stuff he gave me a car of his and a hat and autographed the car it I still have it I’ve been a huge ward burton fan ever since I still have Allen bestwick calling wards Daytona 500 win as my ring tone lol” Jason Beck

“I am an avid Ward fan and the only Daytona 500 I’ve been to happened to be 2002’! I was draped in CAT attire and when he won the race I went hysterical to the point where people in the stands started shacking my hand and patting me on the back as if I won the race!!”  Todd Crowder

“Biggest Ward fan and he did a signing in Amherst VA one night. I drove up and patiently waited in line to get my race jacket signed. When I got to the front of the line I asked if Ward would sign the dashboard of my truck. Admittedly, it was a Ford, haha. He told me to meet him around back in a half hour. I pulled around back and waited so anxiously and sure enough he comes out and hops in the seat and signs the dash with that nice silver sharpie. One of the best sports fan moments of my life without a doubt.” Silas J Fielder

“In Feb 2002, I was 8 years old. My family was at Disney World during the Daytona 500. We took down our own VCR recorder cause we knew we’d be at the parks during the race. My sister in law saw who won the race but wisely didn’t tell anyone. Later that day we watched the recorded race and witnessed or driver won! Exciting stuff”  Mark Thomas 

“One of my all-time favorite NASCAR memories here. Husband and I were at Richmond during what I think was Ward’s rookie season in what was then Winston Cup. Hardee’s was the sponsor. Had the jacket! So all the drivers were making a lap outside their cars to wave at the crowd. I was ready! My husband held up the Hardee’s jacket and Ward could pretty easily spot that bright orange and I got a extra big wave as he passed! Yeah, I was a little geeked out by that, lol!” Kim Stauffer

“My wife and I were at Daytona for the Daytona 500 in 2002. We sat on the front stretch to watch the race. 1 year after we got married. It was our first time to Daytona but, not our last. There was a late race caution. We watched on the big screen as Marlin sat in front of Burton on the backstretch got out and messed with the Coors Light car. Burton took the lead. We then got to watch Ward Burton hold the field off for 2 laps to win the Daytona 500!!! He was so humble in victory lane thanking others.” Richard Mabry

“I have been a big Ward Burton fan for years. I was able to attend my first NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway in the fall. This was around 2000 or 2001. Ward was driving the Caterpillar Dodge for Bill Davis Racing. Being a Ward fan I was wearing my Caterpillar racing jacket which looked like his racing suit. We were seated at turn 2 and as the drivers road around the track on the back of the pickup trucks for driver introductions I was seated with a majority of Earnhardt Jr. fans. When Ward came by I threw my hand up with a #1 towards him as he was my favorite driver. Ward actually saw me through the crowd and threw his hand up in the same manner. My friends around me went crazy in disbelief as he actually saw me. That was a cool memory to be at your first race and have your favorite driver care enough to see you in a crowd and respond. He’s a class act and I will always be a fan because of that.” Doug O’Neal 

“My best friend and I went to a bar / grill to shoot pool and watch a race. My friend saw that Kenny Schrader (in the M&Ms 36) was running in the top 5 and said that if Schrader won the race she would buy the house a round. My favorite driver, Ward, was running 37th at that time and I said that if Ward won the race I would buy the house a round. Well, it was the 2001 Southern 500 and Ward did indeed win the race!! Fortunately for my wallet, we were in a very small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and about 15 drinks only cost $20! Then everyone started chatting with us and telling NASCAR stories even though they had all been watching pre-season football instead of the race.” Adrian Pishko

We hope you enjoyed reading these stories as much as we did. Ward Burton and his NASCAR fans are the best!

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