Ward Burton’s career with NASCAR ended some years ago, but the fan mail continues to arrive daily. Some send a single trading card, another will send a die cast car or two, while others send multiple items for Ward to autograph. It is not unusual to receive a box full of racing memorabilia from Ward’s “glory days” behind the wheel of a race car. Ward gingerly handles each one so as not to devalue it in any way. It is abundantly clear that his racing fans place a tremendous amount of pride in owning these mementos, and obtaining Ward’s signature adds to that value. He appreciates his fans supporting his racing career.

The attached letter from a fan came to Ward recently requesting he sign two trading cards. The name is redacted to protect the fan’s privacy. It is typical of Ward’s fan mail.  Find the letter here.

Fans continue to hold Ward in high esteem even though his racing years are memories. Racing is still in Ward’s blood as he gives his full support to his son, Jeb Burton, who has made racing his career as well.

The photo catches him in the floor at the office of the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation signing items for his fans. He will continue to do so as long as the requests keep coming.

For those interested in getting Ward to sign items, remember to send them with return postage and a self-addressed envelope. Packages that arrive in a box will be returned in the same box. Be sure to include return postage and a label with your mailing address. Mail to Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, PO Box 519, Halifax VA 24558.

Please consider a tax deductible donation to the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation.