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Ward Burton

Ward Burton


I created the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation in 1996 to accomplish one thing - to give back to our natural resources.  As a kid, I was lucky enough to have a father and grandfather who spent a lot of time with me outdoors hunting and fishing.  I also had a dear friend, C.R. Sanders, who taught me a lot about the importance and responsibility of land stewardship. 

As we welcome the next generation, I am proud of what the Foundation has accomplished and where we are headed. We are always looking for new partners and would like to thank all individuals and companies that have helped us be successful in this important inherited responsibility.

Tom Wallace

Tom Inge

Executive Director

WBWF Program Focus Areas:
All programs with a focus on ACUB

Tom is the Executive Director of the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation (WBWF) and helps guide all of the Foundation's four programs: ACUB, Veteran Outreach, Land Management, and Environmental Education. Tom has worked with Ward and the Foundation for over 15 years and has enjoyed the rewarding benefits of protecting the Great Outdoors and sharing that passion with youth, Veterans, landowners, and all of the Foundation's partners. He received his B.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute and his M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering from Virginia Tech. Tom was a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army for four years. He has worked for several consulting engineering companies where he designed subdivisions, roads, water treatment plants, landfills, remediation systems, etc. After dreadfully helping design subdivisions, Tom discovered his passion for conservation and actually protecting the Great Outdoors. He took the position of Environmental Director for the Virginia Army National Guard. There he was in charge of all environmental aspects of the military mission such as endangered species, natural resources, cultural resources, contamination clean-up, GIS, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. One program that Tom's Environmental Department applied for and received was the Ft. Pickett Army Compatible Use Program (ACUB). Tom then took the Executive Director position for the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation and worked with Ward to develop its eventual four pillar programs. Tom and Ward were able to secure the primary partner for that same Ft. Pickett ACUB program, and that has led to WBWF close ties to the military and protecting the military mission. Tom and Ward's beneficial partnership has proved to be very successful over the years and to help WBWF maximize its support for the environment and the military.

Rob Wallace

Rob Wallace

ACUB Administrator

WBWF Program Focus Areas: ACUB, Veteran’s Outreach, Youth Outreach

Rob has been with the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation since 2017, serving in various roles from Superintendent of Operations of Foundation Property to his current role of ACUB Administrator. In this position, Rob works with the Army National Guard representatives to acquire potential properties surrounding military bases in two states. This requires him to work closely with the landowners, attorneys, conservancies, and military personnel to see these transactions through to closing. He prepares documents for all new land agreements as well as annual audits for the Army National Guard. Rob also assists in organizing and implementing events for Veterans Outreach including the annual veteran’s appreciation event and events for Youth Outreach. When he is able, he enjoys the opportunity to get back out to the Foundation property to work on land management and maintenance.

Prior to joining WBWF, Rob has a long history of working in the cellular construction business including project management and estimating. He also is a former real estate agent, licensed in the state of Virginia. Rob studied Economics at University of North Carolina-Charlotte. In his spare time, he loves to golf, play darts and participate in his children’s sporting events (golf, baseball, and softball).