Ward’s Journal Episode 1

Ward reflects on his youth when he spent time in a converted tobacco barn in rural Halifax County, Virginia. The cabin belonged to his close friend and mentor, C.R Sanders. This log structure played an important part in Ward’s life growing up as he and his friends explored the wooded areas of the county. Many weekends were spent living primitively, using the cabin as home base, hunting game and cooking meals over an open fire. Good times were spent here as Ward developed a passion for the outdoors at a very early age, a passion that shapes his life every day as an adult.

4 Comments to “ Ward’s Journal Episode 1”

  1. Maria Eimer says :

    I love this Ward!! Fond memories of those youthful times.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Love the picture. Love the memories.

  3. Anonymous says :


  4. Vickie Whatley says :

    C. R. Sander’s passion for nature, artist and wildlife was a force. I will always remember his humor, passion and deep abiding love.